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looks beautiful 

A very intriguing little tutorial! I have to come straight out and say that the design is gorgeous, everything looks so darn nice!

I ran into a few wee glitches, but nothing that can't be fine tuned as the updates go along. The characters are very endearing, although I found it was hard to keep up with the fireside chat near the end of the demo, perhaps the player should have a bit more control when it comes to how quickly that dialogue moves along!

All in all it looks very promising, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes along in future updates. So keep the awesome work! =)

Looks promising but there could be something more about how the colors make this game complete.

The project is WIP, and the next version will include more content including some of the initial puzzle color mechanics as well as the complete story-telling scene where the Corruptor steals the color out of the Splatians' world and the actual game begins.