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Note: This game is still WIP.

ColorBlend FX is a mystic platformer where your aim is to return the Colors back to the world. Splat and stomp juicy enemies, swim in paint pools, overcome deadly traps, find secrets and treasures, solve color and physics puzzles and have a lot of fun in this unique 2.5D experien.. *Bbzzzzzzzt* Oh, im feeling so colorless right now...

The game is about two creature races, the Splatians and the Corruptors, and their conflict about the mystical Rainbow Powder. They both believe that it belongs to them, they both do everything to study this substance, but the truth is that only Splatians can benefit from its true magic properties. Though, Corruptors are whatever they are named, and their pure evilness will turn an obstacle for the good will of Splatians. Or maybe not? 

The game is far from complete. This 0.0.1 version is only the first scene of the game, before the conflict takes place, but with most if it polished. I am posting it mostly for gathering initial feedback. The game is developed in my spare time after work and this demo is plot of about 6 months of work, by me, using only licensed assets from sources like GameTextures, Substance Source and the like. If you like the idea, feel free to help in any way. Developers, artists, musicians welcome. 

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And finally, take your XBOX gamepad and jump straight in!
Non-XInput guys, the game only works with XInput gamepads and keyboard for now! If your gamepad is not XInput-compliant, check out
Also, if you own Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, just pair it via Bluetooth and enjoy!

Note: The game requires 64-bit system and decent video card.

Press X to advance the tutorial text.
Sadly, I missed this but will fix for the next release.


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looks beautiful 

A very intriguing little tutorial! I have to come straight out and say that the design is gorgeous, everything looks so darn nice!

I ran into a few wee glitches, but nothing that can't be fine tuned as the updates go along. The characters are very endearing, although I found it was hard to keep up with the fireside chat near the end of the demo, perhaps the player should have a bit more control when it comes to how quickly that dialogue moves along!

All in all it looks very promising, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes along in future updates. So keep the awesome work! =)

Looks promising but there could be something more about how the colors make this game complete.

The project is WIP, and the next version will include more content including some of the initial puzzle color mechanics as well as the complete story-telling scene where the Corruptor steals the color out of the Splatians' world and the actual game begins.