ColorBlend FX: Pathway to S.P.A.R.K Demo is completed

Hello everyone, known and unknown! 

After a lot of work, big fixes, refinements and what not, we finally released the last Demo Update

We're proud to announce the final update to our demo Pathway To S.P.A.R.K  - version 0.1.3f

  • Refined the first level and Ashen's Lair.
  • Refined and added small Sprint-jump tutorial section in Towards Library
  • Added more Easter Egg names. E.g. Link, Megaman, Cheater
  • Name him q or Speedrun to play in Speedrun mode!
  • Significantly improved Speed Run Mode. The Timer now stops when Credits start.
  • Changed physics (again) - player should't stick on ledges that much anymore.
  • Fixed minor spelling mistakes (Not Ashen! He talks like that!)

Enjoy the new update and share the game with your friends! 

The game will be released somewhere in 2022. There won't be any new updates to the demo, so stay tuned for the actual game.

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CollorBlend FX Demo (0.1.3f).zip 529 MB
Sep 15, 2020

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